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Cooling towers play an important role in a wide range of industries, commercial complexes and office buildings. They are crucial for continued efficient operations. Additionally, they are environment friendly as they facilitate recycling of water used up in industries, thus reducing water wastage.

To make the best of these systems, it is of utmost importance to maintain them properly. If you are looking for cooling tower maintenance services in Singapore, you can totally rely on JS Creates Pte Ltd. We have been in the cooling tower supply business for over two decades now and in 2004, we started a dedicated Service and Maintenance Department. Today, our service and maintenance department has 5 expert teams of experienced and well-trained industry workers.

We have worked on esteemed government projects like Changi Airport, SMRT, NTU and Singapore Power as well as eminent private clients, such as Hilton Hotel, IBM, ION Orchard, NUH Hospital among others.

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Importance Of Maintenance Of Cooling Towers


Maintain Peak Operating Conditions

Regular cleaning and cooling tower repair help you get the best of these systems. The entire functionality of cooling tower is dependent largely on the water having minimum to no debris. Keeping the tower clean as well as getting it serviced and, if required, repaired regularly maintain peak operating conditions.


Save Money

A well-maintained cooling tower increases the life of the system and thus also keeps the industry operations from wearing down due to overheating. This reduces operational costs and increases the life of factory hardware.


Save Energy And Help The Planet

Poorly maintained towers take longer to achieve cooling goals. This increases the stress on the system while reducing the life of the tower and consuming more and more energy. Well maintained cooling towers are energy efficient and planet friendly.

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Cooling towers require thorough inspection and regular servicing. JS Creates has expert teams dedicated to offer the best services in the industry. Write to us today to know more.

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