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The Perfect Fill For Your Cooling Tower

Established in 1995, JS Creates Pte Ltd remains a leading provider of cooling tower solutions.

In the maintenance and optimisation of cooling tower systems, we believe it is important for clients to select the right fill to facilitate cooling tower functions.

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The Benefits & Types of Cooling Tower Fills

Cooling tower fills, also known as wet decks or surfaces, expand water surface areas of cooler tanks, which increase evaporation rates and lead to improved tower functionality. There are two types of fills available in the market: splash and film. It is essential that clients check cooling tower fill specifications for the right fit.


Splash Fills

Multiple plies of PVC bars are installed. The heated water supply breaks the fill bars into smaller particles, leading to rapid evaporation and cooling. The fill is ideal for projects involving poor quality water in excessive amounts.


Film Fills

This involves the application of closely-packed PVC sheets, debris is collected upon the films, making the cooled water safe for consumption.

Why Pick JS Creates Pte Ltd?

We are a one-stop solution provider, offering installations, repairs and cooling tower maintenance works according to the needs of our valued clients.

Value-added Engineering

The company holds engineering accreditations, including the lowest kw/ton for Tokio Marine Building (Singapore) in 2009 and is a proud member of the CTI (Cooling Technology Institute). Customers may be assured of quality products and services.


Timely Response

Our committed technicians and engineers are ready to attend to your needs at a quick and reliable response rate.


Strong Technical Expertise

In 2004, the company set out on a mission to form a strong service and maintenance team to better serve the needs of our clients. The department has since grown exponentially, branching out into five teams, each led by a leader bearing a minimum experience of 5 years within the industry.

Here at JS Creates Pte Ltd, we offer only top-of-the-range cooling tower solutions.

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